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To fight the pandemic, our team has designed affordable low cost robotic and non-robotic solutions for greater isolation with affected patients.

Remotely Operated Robot

The bot is controlled from a range up to 500 meters, can carry up to 20 kgs of food, medicines, etc at one time and is waterproof for being disinfected. It has a Camera with zero latency transmission up to 1km.  The bottom can be used to collect disposals from the isolation ward. 

Optional BOT features-

UV Light for disinfecting

touch free-sanitizer Dispenser
2-way interactive screens for doctor/patient.


This booth can be kept over patients for COVID-19 treatments for better isolation with the doctors and nurses.



COVID testing can be conducted more securely by isolating the patient inside the booth while testing both in isolation departments as well as the first point of contact testing using the gloves from the outside.

Remotely Operated

Disinfectant Sprayer

with UV lights

This bot is controlled from a range up to 2 km (los), can carry up to 10 litres of disinfectant at one time. It has a HD Camera with zero latency transmission up to 2km(los).  


UV lights for disinfecting toilets/bathrooms

Mechanum wheels


About Us

Ignite Research Labs, founded by Mechatronics engineer Mirza Samnani having built Lunar & Mars Rovers, underwater ROVs conducts world-class research for space and underwater sciences.


Our research and accolades are covered by various newspapers and news channels. Our team has represented India 5 times at NASA and its alliance projects competitions and has bagged over 7 international awards in just 3 years.


Our outreach includes robotics and educational activities to over 17000 students pan India.


Our Research

At Ignite Research Labs, we provide affordable solutions for small to large scale industries as well as mentoring for robotics in schools and universities.

Currently, we are developing a Robotic probe for disaster management on Mars.

We are also working on autonomy in underwater vehicles and developing products for Maritime companies.


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